These images are designed more for the metropolitan, civic and corporate environments—architecture on a larger scale. They are little more high-tech in nature than my other paintings. These images are well suited for large lobbies, spacious vestibules and conference rooms.


My paintings can also be site specific, where I go on location and study the environment the architect(s) and designers(s) have created. There I feel the life of the space. My senses harmonize with it, allowing me to give expression to it through color, line and value in my drawing and painting studies while also raising the energy even higher. I take my studies back to the studio and begin the work towards the large finished piece, a painting that when hung will create an uplifting experience for the people moving through that environment. 


Creating this art for others is a lot of fun. It is something I love to do and love to give. It is my passion. I enjoy the challenge. My art to me is theater, in the highest sense, creating effects on a large scale. And as you know, if you have looked at my paintings, whether abstract, landscape, still life, or figurative, visually working with and channeling energy is what I excel at.



Most of the examples below have a classical architectural theme, but any theme can be used. Or the painting could just be abstract (see my "Abstract" section of this Gallery by clicking on the button below), or perhaps a scene with figures.


I look forward to developing a business relationship and collaborating with you on your specific art needs.



Micah Sanger  






Up to Size 30 feet x 10 feet 

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