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Hi, my name is Micah Sanger and I am an artist and author. I love to paint energy, and more specifically consciousness—flowing around, through, and animating form—whether a landscape, a human figure, a horse standing in a pasture, or birds flying. I simply paint what I experience and try to express it in the most direct way possible. It is this depiction of energy/consciousness that gives meaning to my art and my life.


But more than that, my art, my life is also about you…as I love inspiring others to move into a deeper experience of presence and being. It brings me the greatest pleasure to see someone’s face light up as their lens of perception clears and they suddenly see a world alight with wonder, beauty, and mystery. 


This desire to inspire is the reason for my Traveling Museum Exhibit where I combine my paintings with amazing quotes by theoretical physicists who speak so eloquently of the world I see and paint. It is also the reason I wrote my award-winning illustrated book, Tobe and the River Is, as well as the educational section of this website, “Raising Perception”


You may also enjoy my video, “Art of Physics” (click on the tab, “Video ‘Art of Physics’”). It was created because I needed a more dynamic way to present my Traveling Museum Exhibit to curators as I was contacting museums in Taiwan, Japan, China, India, across Europe, and the United States.

And I would also like to point out to you these prints on canvas that hang from tapestry rods on the “To Order Prints” tab. (Paper prints are also available.)


If you would like to get a deeper glimpse into who I am—my formative experiences, my revelations, insights, and processes, see the “Artist Statement” and “About the Artist”


I appreciate you being here.




Micah Sanger


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