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my perception 

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vision, seeing, awareness, consciousness and being


Through the years I have penetrated past many of the boundaries of normal perception and experienced the world in new fresh ways. I would love to pass on what I have discovered. We will explore four levels of perception. They are the Emanations of Objects, the Force of Objects, Objects in a Dimension, and Objects in a Unified Field. 


Inspiring Art
Art and Fine Art
Awakening Consciousness Educational Art

Boy in a French Town II        2019         53" x 62"         mixed media on canvas

More About Where We Are Going

The first two sections, the Emanations of Objects and the Force of Objects, deal with simple forms of awareness and offer tools to become present to the world. The last two sections, Objects in a Dimension, and Objects in a Unified Field, are more profound in their effects, lifting a person to a totally different perspective and sense of self.



At the end of each of the four sections, we will also explore the subject of space. The significance of space, not only as an object in perception but as an extension of one's consciousness, will become clearer as we proceed. Each section can stand independently of the others, so feel free to go to where you are drawn first.



In all of the sections of this website, there are simple exercises in which you can direct your focus on an object or landscape, going to deeper and deeper levels of perception. I suggest working with only one exercise a day, applying it throughout the day, letting it open the door to a really powerful and intimate experience.



  Chico Buttes IV       1991               13" x 18"       mixed media on canvas

Mountain Vineyard - Harvest       1992           37" x 56"              mixed media on canvas

To illustrate the concepts I am sharing on this website I am weaving in my paintings and drawings, many of which were created specifically for this website. You may be surprised at the wide range of styles in my art. That is because I love to explore and art offers the perfect medium to do just that. 


By including the artwork I also want to show that these levels of perception can be so clearly experienced that they can even be given physical expression through art. I encourage you to do the same, whatever your medium of expression may be,  whether music, movement, sculpture, or however you wish to express it.

I have included a few quotes from the world's top theoretical physicists from my Traveling Museum Exhibit which will appear with my paintings in the exhibit. (If you wish to know more about the exhibit and to see the quotes next to the paintings click on the tab above, "Traveling Museum Exhibit.") 


Throughout the website, I have placed illustrations and passages from my award-winning book, Tobe and the River Is  ( pronounced Tō•bē ) to highlight certain points.







illustrated book, stories, heroe, art, consciousness, inspiration, peace, love, transformed world creativity, awakening, transformation

That should cover a basic introduction and now we are ready to begin our journey into the rich realm of perception and consciousness. 

                                                                                 Thank you,

                                                                               Micah Sanger

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