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World in a Unified Field
Inspiring Art
Awakening Consciousness Educational Art

Perception at this advanced stage looks beyond the impression

of separate forms to the unity holding everything.

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291 Lady Dancers Full Screen 100 ppi.jpg

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Perception at this advanced stage looks past form to the unity—the matrix holding all things.

Dancers - Unity       2017           72" x 96"          mixed media on canvas

From my traveling exhibit:

“The notion of a separate organism is clearly an abstraction, as is also its boundary. Underlying all this is unbroken wholeness even though our civilization has developed in such a way as to strongly emphasize the separation into parts.”


David Bohm,    

an American scientist who has been described as one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century.


Vineyard  in the Foothills       2023           51" x 82"    mixed media on canvas

243 Richard's Ranch-Unified Field John B

One of the main things that stands in our way of seeing the Unified Field is that we are preoccupied with form. Mechanically our eyes are drawn to form, for it requires no effort. The sight of the Unified Field, on the other hand, in most cases needs to be developed, for one is learning to “see” the invisible.

This process of deeper perception begins with the conscious choice to look past form and put one’s focus on the Unified Field, though, eventually, the Unified Field is also experienced as permeating, animating, and emanating from form.

To merely acknowledge that it is here, is the point from which one can begin. And the more frequently and the longer we can hold our attention in that direction, the more significant and real it will become in our perception. This looking past form and keeping our attention on the Unified Field as much as possible is the very discipline we need to develop at this stage. You don’t know how important it is.

In this section, we will explore the Unified Field, a totally different order of reality beyond form. Simply put, it is a field in which all things partake of a shared oneness.

We have all approached the Unified Field when in a moment all is suddenly lifted from the mundane to the sublime, when there is a peace and harmony flowing through all things. In that immaculate, flawless moment, the dull filter over our eyes is briefly lifted. At that moment we are given a tiny glimpse—a mere hint of the Unified Field.



























91 Peninsula-Unified Field J Birchard Fu

Peninsula -– Unified Field       2014          62" x 52"    mixed media on canvas



“The world of the everyday suddenly seemed nothing but an inverted magic act, lulling its audience into believing in the usual, familiar conceptions of space and time, while the astonishing truth of quantum reality lay carefully guarded by nature's sleights of hand.”       

Brian Randolph Greene,  

an American theoretical physicist, mathematician, and string theorist.










Richard’s Ranch V       1992          9" x 14"       oil on panel

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