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This video brings together my paintings with the powerful words of the world's great intuitive theoretical physicists, creating in just 10 minutes a rich experience (for those of you with busy schedules). Even children have expressed great enthusiasm and appreciation for this video, despite the deep nature of the physicists' insights showing that the video communicates on many levels.

Augmented Paintings    

Statement on Augmented Reality 


The videos here are of a few of my paintings rendered with holographic effects called augmented reality or AR. What you see are recordings of the AR. When one views the actual ARs directly, through personal devices such as portable tablets like iPad, or Smart Glasses, cell phones, or mobile-enabled 3d goggles such as Occulus, one can seemingly walk through and around the different holographic animated elements of those paintings. The AR videos you see here were recorded on my iPhone while I was out on location experiencing the AR as it was playing on my phone.


I created these ARs with my creative friend and graphics designer, Gaben Chancellor ( I enjoyed working on them because of their intrinsic playful nature. It is my hope that for some people these ARs might draw their attention to the actual paintings, where the moving elements of AR are put aside and one's focus can move to the powerful expressive stillness of the paintings themselves. They are meant to stand on their own. They have an energetic resonance, and combining them with the quotes of the physicists creates strong effects on people. Here the realms of inspired thought, consciousness, and artistic vision are brought together. Here is where the viewer can be lifted to an even deeper insightful, emotional experience. (The quote that goes with each AR can be seen at the end.)

These ARs were created by selecting and isolating elements on my painting's surface and putting them individually on their own layers in the AR software so they could then be animated and holographically projected and extended out into space.

Other Videos

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Join me on a tour of my home and studio as I describe the inspiration for my art and my processes.

"The Art of Physics"

Augmented Paintings 

Tour of Home and Studio

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