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This video brings together my paintings with the powerful words of the world's great intuitive theoretical physicists, creating in just 10 minutes a rich experience (for those of you with busy schedules). Even children have expressed great enthusiasm and appreciation for this video, despite the deep nature of the physicists' insights showing that the video communicates on many levels.

AR (Augmented Reality) Paintings    

Statement on My ARs 

 The above videos are recordings of the below ARs of my paintings as they were launched and recorded on my phone. You can do the same thing when you scan the QR codes below and play them on your phone, portable tablet, Smart Glasses, or mobile-enabled 3d goggles such as Oculus. Once it is downloaded on your device you can go to any environment you choose, launch the AR again, use the camera icon on the Aero window to record it, and send the recording to your friends so they can glimpse this technology. It’s fun to play with and record these ARs in beautiful settings.

To experience an AR directly now scan the QR code, or click on the link or the painting below. This will launch the Adobe Aero augmented reality play app. Once it launches and you set the anchor point, step back to bring the image in view. BE AWARE OF YOUR ENVIRONMENT as you move about the AR. You will be able to walk through and around the different animated elements of those paintings as they appear to move through space on your device.

The lengths of the 4 ARs vary from about 40 seconds to over a minute. When it reaches the end and you wish to watch it again click on the three dots towards the top in the white area of the Aero play app. There you may see the option to watch the video again or to reset the anchor point which allows you to change your location. (The appearance of the Aero app seems to differ between devices.)


To create these ARs I first selected elements on my painting's surface and put them each on their own layer in the AR software so that my creative graphics designer friend, Gaben Chancellor ( could then animate and extend these elements out into space using the software.

These paintings are part of my Traveling Museum Exhibit, that is why quotes by theoretical physicists appear next to them.

I enjoyed working on and sharing these ARs because of their intrinsic playful nature. Yet, it is my hope that these ARs will draw attention back to an even deeper study of the paintings themselves.

Gaben Chancellor is also available to bring your project into creative expression through AR or other graphic mediums.


Note: Adobe Aero is not yet compatible with all Androids.

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Individual AR with QR and Instruction_ Beyond Self Ref Flat.jpg

Other Videos

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Join me on a tour of my home and studio as I describe the inspiration for my art and my processes.

"The Art of Physics"

Augmented Paintings 

Tour of Home and Studio

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