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There is a wide array of literature out there that can be of great assistance to you now in making these new states more permanent, of which the following are just a few. Many inspired authors dedicated their lives to the exploration and discovery of states of consciousness and awareness, and have gladly passed on what they learned.





۞    A Course in Miracles                                     Course in Miracles Society


My respect for this book runs deep. I studied other systems for close to forty years, achieving many breakthroughs, but my most significant advances started to come after delving into this book. I don’t know if I would have ever realized awakening to the depth I have without it. Though at first this book might seem foreign and difficult, if you persevere you will see the simplicity of it. And if what it describes seems too incredible—too fantastic to be possible, you will be surprised, as you start to verify through experience, how true it actually is. As your being grows, the book also continues to grow in depth and richness.



Here you will find the best description of the ego that I have ever come across. Combining that with the book’s vision of awakening to one’s true nature, that is so utterly positive, it helps to dissolve fear and prepares you to face the approaching immense power of the unknown with confidence.  

۞    A Course of Love                                         Take Heart Publications


The beauty of this book is its ability to awaken us to Spirit and then have Spirit or "the Spacious Self" embrace this world of form we live in. The book helps make unity a reality in consciousness. This unity is felt with everyone and with God. You cannot read this book and not be changed.


۞    The Power of Now                 Eckhart Tolle                 New World Library


۞    Stillness Speaks                    Eckhart Tolle                 New World Library


۞    The New Earth                      Eckhart Tolle                 Penguin Group

Tolle’s popular works are very practical and insightful into the realm of awareness, and human psychology. They will not fail to inspire you. He offers practical tools and encouragement. It is in his understanding of awareness where he excels.



۞    I Am That                    Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj              Acorn Press


You will find this book is a true source of inspiration and encouragement as you explore the vast reaches of being. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj’s words resonate with clarity and with amazing understanding. They are rich in the power of wisdom born of experience. His example shows us the very real possibilities of change on a vast scale. The heights of his vision are truly astounding and always leave one with the feeling there are vast discoveries that still lie ahead.




۞    The Way of Mastery                                          Shanti Christo Foundation


A very practical help on the path of spiritual discovery. It is an enriching, powerful experience to be in a study group, shifting together while studying this writing. But whether alone or with others, this book can open doors into dimensions of reality previously unexplored.

The Gift       2006

55" x 73"      mixed media on canvas

Indian Girl in Brook       1993

 46" x 30"      oil on canvas

Books on Awareness and Being 

Art Related Books 


The Garden       1986           

8" x 7"       oil on panel

Cezanne's Composition              Erle Loran          University of California Press

Using diagrams and photographs the author analyzes how Cezanne manipulated the plains of the surfaces of forms to create energetic effects in his paintings that more closely matched how the forms felt.


An Art of Our Own                       Roger Lipsey             Shambhala Press

The Spiritual in Twentieth-Century Art

This book is a great reference for the artist, art historian, and art lover. It offers an overview of the spiritual to art in the twentieth century. If you are an artist, it could act as the catalyst for new expressions in your own art. Quite a few quotes from different 20th-century artists in the “Selected Quotes” section came from this book.  


Letters on Cézanne             Rainer Maria Rilke                 North Point Press


Auguste Rodin                    Rainer Maria Rilke                 Archipelago Books


In these two books, we have one the premier poets of the twentieth century writing about two of the great masters of the visual arts: the painter, Cézanne and the sculptor, Rodin. The sensitivity Rilke brings to these two artist’s' work is insightful and inspiring.  




Looking at Pictures with Bernard Berenson  by Bernard Berenson  Abrams 


Bernard Berenson, the highly acclaimed art connoisseur and historian, has the ability to use words to open up the emotional significance of a painting that otherwise a person could easily overlook. The book is filled with many such examples. This relationship of how words can open up a deeper level of experience is an important lesson in itself.

The Clown       1985  

18.5" x 22"        ink on paper

End of  Conclusion


196 Girl in a Dress Full Screen 100ppi.j

Girl in a Dress        2008 

  21” x 28”    Conté on paper   

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