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What I call my corporate art images are for architecture on a larger scale. They are well suited for metropolitan, civic, and corporate environments but can also be great for the more expansive private homes. For such spaces, some of the large canvas prints of my existing paintings work very well and all the paintings in the Gallery tab are available for prints.



But in some cases, you or your client may prefer to commission an original painting. For the commissioned paintings for homes, I apply a very different sensitivity than I do for corporate art. For all site-specific commissions, I first get an overview of what you or your client wishes, needs, or envisions. Next for my proposal, through the use of photographs and video, I study the environment in which the art would hang and come up with my preliminary sketches and painting studies. Once my proposal is approved I ask for 25% down. Then I begin work on the finished mixed media painting on canvas. I have a satisfaction guarantee where 90% of the downpayment is returned if for any reason you or your client are not satisfied with the finished painting


The commissioned painting could be an abstract:

   Or a landscape: 

91 Peninsula-Unified Field Calibrated Full Screen 100ppi.jpg

     (Painting created for an airport}

I created the paintings below with a classical architectural theme in mind, but any theme can be used, depending on your client's prefernces The original paintings on canvas below are for sale as well as prints of the paintings of any size on paper or canvas.

To get an idea of the pricing for a large commissioned original painting, one 80” wide would be $23,000.


To view the price for prints see the table below.

I look forward to collaborating with you on your site-specific art needs.



Micah Sanger

Up to 118" Wide by 260" High 

288 By the Bay-Unified Field Calibrated Full Screen 100ppi.jpg

   Or a scene with figures:

Abstract Essential

Abstract Essential

58" x 86" Mixed media on canvas $23,000

Classical Theme III

Classical Theme III

52" X 89" Mixed media on canvas $23,000

Classical Collage

Classical Collage

86" X 61.5" Mixed media on canvas $18,000

Classical Theme I

Classical Theme I

50" x 70” Mixed media on canvas $18,000



52 X 89 Mixed media on canvas $23,000

Classical Theme II

Classical Theme II

53" X 74" Mixed media on canvas $18,000

Classical Theme IV

Classical Theme IV

65.8" x 86" Mixed media on canvas $23,000

Place cursor over image to see title, dimension, media, if available and price.

Click on image to see full screen version.

The cost of paintings are retail prices

Price List  

Determine the longest dimension of either the height or width of the desired print.

Please state if instead of a canvas print you wish a paper print.

Since the canvas prints are hung from a tapestry rod there is no frame cost. The cost below includes the tapestry rod. But you may prefer to go to a framer to have the print stretched and framed.


 11” - 14"

15” - 21"

22” - 31"

32" - 41" 

42" - 51"

52" - 61"

62" - 71"

72" - 81"

82" - 91"

92" - 101"

102" -

112" - 118"


























Please add shipping cost: for paper prints $35, and for canvas prints 71" or below $50. Over 71" $85

A California and local sales tax of 7.875%  also needs to be applied.

The larger canvas prints are a limited edition run of 150, Exclusivity of the image can also be obtained and the details of this we can work out through email or a phone call.

The large canvas prints will come to you rolled up in a tube. It will come with a tapestry rod ready to hang. Or if you prefer, the print can be taken to a framer to be stretched and framed the traditional way.


The smaller paper prints are a limited edition run of 450.  All materials are archival and of museum quality and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.


You may initially contact me by phone or email to work out the details of delivery and payment. 

If you wish to hang the canvas print from a tapestry rod a colored border can be added.

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