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Sausalito – Dimensions

49” x 53” Mixed media on canvas 2013 by Micah Sanger

“Quantum physics thus reveals a basic

oneness of the universe.”

Erwin Schrodinger

Born on August 12, 1887, in Vienna, Austria, Erwin Schrödinger went on to become a noted theoretical physicist and scholar who came up with a groundbreaking wave equation for electron movements. He was awarded the 1933 Nobel Prize in Physics, along with British physicist Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac, and later became a director at Ireland's Institute for Advanced Studies.

Schrödinger came upon the work of fellow physicist Louis de Broglie in 1925. In his 1924 thesis, De Broglie had proposed a theory of wave mechanics. This sparked Schrödinger's interest in explaining that an electron in an atom would move as a wave. The following year, he wrote a revolutionary paper that highlighted what would be known as the Schrödinger wave equation.

Following the atomic model of Niels Bohr and a thesis from de Broglie, Schrödinger articulated the movements of electrons in terms of wave mechanics as opposed to particle leaps. He provided a mode of thought to scientists that would become accepted and incorporated into thousands of papers, thus becoming an important cornerstone of quantum theory.

(The above painting, quote, and bio are from my Traveling Museum Exhibit )


I ask myself, “What is this oneness Schrodinger is referring to? And how do I make oneness real in my experience? A mere concept will not do. First, I just simply acknowledge oneness is here. Then with that affirmation, as I sit in quiet and with a soft alertness, I start to sense a door to another kind of perception slowly opening up. My normal way of perceiving gives way to a different kind of vision altogether where seeing is combined with a “feeling” awareness. Suddenly "qualities" or energies can literally be perceived in space. As I continue to focus my awareness on oneness and the moments pass, I grow more and more cognizant of this energy, this life in space—its quality, its nature. Then I realize that this energy, too, is consciousness! Yes, incredibly, it is consciousness itself! Oneness is here! How mysterious it is, how silent—peaking around and through everything—pregnant in everything, and barely perceivable, yet sensed, growing into a dominant force.

What is strange about all this is that the very same objects that just moments previously attested to a world of separate things, now, the very same objects express, in a much more powerful and direct way, this incredible unity! Nothing changes yet, everything does!

I would like to end my first blog in this series with a gift. These times we are in are perfect for a different kind of consciousness. It is exactly this oneness or unity consciousness that will help us the most right now. It will help alleviate our stress—physical and emotional, pressing on us from all sectors of our society. Unity/oneness will give us its strength, its clarity as we move through this world. And it is my great pleasure to offer to you a free eBook download (also PDF) of my award-winning, illustrated book, Tobe and the River Is. The great River Is actually is the oneness Schrodinger and I have been pointing to.

I wrote the book for precisely the purpose of moving the reader into a direct and real experience of this oneness. This book will give you encouragement and confidence as it walks with you into your own deep revelations of oneness and of your true Self.

To download click on this link:

Enjoy the miracle of your life and thank you!

Micah Sanger


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