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249 Energy Matter Space Time and Conscio

Energy/Matter, Space/Time, and Consciousness     2021          

56.5” x 106”    Mixed media on canvas    1990



232 Space - Interpritation of the Unifie

As I initially approach the Unified Field, it often starts to reveal itself in the more rarefied medium of space first. It can be easier to see it in space, where it is less obscured by the seeming density of material form. You most likely have a deeper relationship to space by now, if you have been doing the exercises.

Exercise: Look at the space about you. Feel its nature; its life. Let go and go for a swim in the Unified Field in space. Yes, it is that simple. There is no need to make it more complicated than that.



Space – the Interpretation of the Unified Field VII        2014

 42" x 58.5"          mixed media on canvas


There are an infinite number of ways to interpret the life  and energy of the Unified Field.

233 Space - Interpritation of the Unifie

Space – the Interpretation of the Unified Field VIII        2014

  61" x 74"    mixed media on canvas


To perceive the Unified Field, it helps to sense how it flows freely and seamlessly into this dimension and beyond it.




“Our poets do not write about it; our artists do not try to portray this remarkable thing. I don't know why. Is nobody inspired by our present picture of the universe? The value of science remains unsung by singers... This is not yet a scientific age.”                          Richard P. Feynman, a theoretical physicist who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965.  

​ As you grow in your relationship to the Unified Field you will see that there is a wide range to its revelation and experience. Often it is a subtle sense that the oneness, vastness, and harmony of the Unified Field is here, gently permeating the moment. It will be like the background sound of the ocean, holding your being in the immediacy of its peace as you move about doing what needs to be done in this world of form. Or it can bring a transformation of profound proportions where you experience the Unified Field as your very Self! Then you are Its vastness; Its Life; Its Love; Its Oneness and Constancy! And to think that all this begins with the perception of the tiniest hint of an almost indiscernible, unchanging hum about you!  

Tone Poem III         1989

  68" x 50"    mixed media on canvas


We have only lightly touched on the wonders of the Unified Field. It flows with so much richness and depth of life. And it is all for you to explore and to experience.

from Toby and the River Is:




  He (Toby) could observe that the River was made of a crystal-clear awareness—an awareness full of seeing, unlimited in scope.... The River carried him beyond himself. He was becoming larger and larger as he spread throughout the River. As he swam, it became difficult for him to tell where he ended and the River began. Nothing could define him now, yet everything did.



End of  Unified Field Section


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