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Beyond Self-Referential Tactics II       2008          50" x 80"        mixed media on canvas


This is a portrait of that pristine moment when awareness lifts from its body identified condition and expands out into the consciousness of space.






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Pears II       1996     

18" x 10.5"    watercolor & pastel on paper


Notice the interpretation of living space that surrounds the pear.


In this section on the world in a dimension, you have turned in the direction of freeing yourself from the subjective interpretation of the world and of yourself which you have been so completely identified with. You have taken some important steps as you have watched your experiences become transformed into a new perspective. You are opening yourself up to seeing the reality of living in this stunning dimension. These initial steps are truly amazing accomplishments and I want to applaud your willingness. This world will now be more full of wonder. And one day, what now seems so extraordinary will feel completely familiar and you will be at home there, for as incredible as all this is, it is but reality’s natural condition. Enjoy this life and live it to the fullest by diving deep into the mystery of it with your own clear awareness.

Once you feel this world existing in a dimension, you will notice a change in how you experience space. You will discover it takes on a significance and an enhanced living quality you have never known before. Suddenly, it is more of an active, predominate force, compared to the "solid" objects it flows around. It becomes pure living energy.    


Let us now attempt to get a glimpse into this mystery of space through an exercise. It is a passive exercise, where you sit and watch as space reveals its dynamic nature to you. The less you do the better.


Look at the world about you. After a moment, move your focus of attention from objects and look on space. Hold your attention in a clear, relaxed state. Become increasingly aware of the life of space. It will help your awareness to focus if you use the sensation of your whole body to match its energy. Feel the gentle power of space—its changelessness—its timelessness. Notice how it also exists on a totally different level, mysteriously transcending this dimension of form altogether. This dimension cannot hold this life nor limit it.

Quick Sketch of Turtle Rock - Interpritation of Space       2003

8" x 10"        mixed media on paper


End of  Objects in a Dimension Section


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