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217 Saddle- Transition of Perception Ful

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Saddle - Transition of Perception       2013


55.5" x 30"    mixed media on canvas


In this dimension experience, solid form is seen as energy, revealing the light and life that lies within and beyond it. It is then that we begin to approach true vision.



Desert Sphinx II-Dimension       2011


35" x 48"       mixed media on canvas




About the Paintings:  How does one paint "forms in a dimension," where things stand out more clearly, are filled with more life, and at times do not even seem solid at all? In my attempts, I often start out with a black background implying the nothingness I earlier mentioned, or one could say, the changeless, the unified field or the Universal Mind. I then depict the life and energy of that field through lines, curly cues, splatters and washes of color. The next step is to begin painting the forms of this dimension, whether a still life, landscape, or a person, transparent first, building up into the seeming solidity of form here and there, duplicating as near as possible my experience of form as pure energy existing in this dimension.


Opening to these paintings might trigger for you the actual experience of this world being in a dimension, as well as act as a reminder as you move through your day.




























Barn Jackson Hole, Wyoming       2016           44.5" x 50"    mixed media on canvas









Turtle Rock and Back View of Artist -Dimension       2009


28" x 34"    mixed media on canvas


When I am present and I am experiencing being in a dimension, my inner space becomes clearer as I look out on the world beyond. My sense of self grows more transparent. The borderline between my inner world and the external world starts to diminish, creating a unified flow of energy between the two. 




A quote that will appear next to this painting in my traveling museum exhibit is from Werner Heisenberg, theoretical physicist awarded the Nobel Prize“ for the creation of quantum mechanics” in 1932:


“...separation of the observer from the phenomenon to be observed is no longer possible.”

























































The Kiss – In Both Worlds      1991           50" x 24"        mixed media on canvas


Man with Blindfold II        2013           51.5 x 75.5   mixed media on canvas



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