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109 The Dinner Party-Unified Field Full

The Dinner Party – Unified Field       2018

         59" x 68"         mixed media on canvas

The Unified Field flows freely all about us, holding and permeating everything. That is what we are.


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Exercise 1:  Wishing to have a full-blown experience of the Unified Field can be a shift in perception that is too large at first for many of us. An intermediate step in awareness is often helpful in bringing the experience. That intermediate step is again feeling the mood of the place you are in. Ask yourself, “What does this place feel like?” Keep focusing on the mood of the place, letting it become more and more alive to you. Notice how your perception has shifted from being solely preoccupied with form to experiencing more of the living energy of the moment. Notice, too, how the mood of a place plays through your whole body. 

              Plums - Unified Field       2012           

7" x 15"        mixed media on canvas

Exercise 2:  This exercise is similar to the one in the Dimension Section, but here we will take a look at the Unified Field within us, and then in the outside world.


Close your eyes and with complete acceptance have your attention gently look past all the body sensations, thoughts, and feelings. Keep going inward until you feel a stillness bathing everything—a changelessness. Realize the aliveness held within the calm power of this stillness. You do not need to try to find it; it is there. Just acknowledge it and relax into it. It is the Unified Field within you.


Once sensed just observe your awareness expanding into this field that extends through the vastness within—further and further. Perceive how its changelessness is unaffected by any activity arising from the body or the mind. Continue to rest in that place, observing its healing influence—its power.




231 Kinetic Poem IV Inner Space Full Scr

          Kinetic Poem IV-Inner Space       1989           54" x 106"         mixed media on canvas


Now open your eyes and look at the world around you. Have your attention move past the forms and their activity, and sense a place beneath it all where there is the same stillness, that same changelessness and peace you experienced within. Acknowledge the stillness and peace flowing everywhere—within and without. And notice the division between within and without dissolving, if it hasn’t already. If you cannot sense it yet, then just be willing to imagine it is there.  It will be enough for now.

Saddle V        2002           25" x 34"        mixed media on canvas

Death Valley -– Unified Field        1996            41.5" x 56"        mixed media on canvas

This process of learning to experience the Unified Field (the River) is described in the following passages from Tobe and the River Is as Auriel introduces Tobe to the River for his first time:

The River Flowing around Auriel and Tobe






 “Let’s try calling the River now,” continued Auriel. “Begin by just acknowledging that It is here—now. The truth is the River can be found only ‘here’ and ‘now’—free of the past and future. The River flows—and flows from second to second—forever! Go to the life of this present second, and you will find the River waiting there.


“Remember when you were in the canyon looking at space,” added Auriel, “and you saw and sensed the very life of space? That, Tobe, was your first little glimpse of the River—a mere hint, but you were not ready, so I did not say more. Now you are ready. Look on space, past form. The River can be seen more clearly there, at least at first. Call It, Tobe.”


Again, Tobe was astounded by how simple the truly important things were. Excitedly, he brought his focus on the space that surrounded him and on the present . . . the present second. He directed his attention with a strong determination.


“You are trying too hard,” Auriel said. “It’s not a breaking through, but a dissolving into. It’s more about grace than force. It is here! Relax. Just surrender into Its living presence, which surrounds you now. Gently melt into It.”


Tobe watched as he let go of all the past, along with all his concerns for the future. Right here—right now was all there was! His gaze softened as he looked upon space, feeling the life of the present second. The is-ness of the moment began to shine with life!


“That’s it, Tobe. Keep going.”


This life grew so strong, flowing everywhere in space, surrounding and bathing all the forms of the landscape—the rocks, plants, and little creatures—Auriel and himself too! It was holding everything in its quiet, yet mighty embrace—in a oneness beyond comprehension. Tobe held his attention upon this life and did not let it waver.


“Congratulations, Tobe!” said Auriel. “Do you see what just happened? It is a miracle! You have just called the River Is, and you are looking at It !”


Tobe was elated! He had no words to express his excitement. Yes, he could see the River everywhere!


Then, despite his ecstatic state, a feeling that something was missing entered him. He could hear in his mind the call of the cowgirl, “Swim deep in the River.” Then he remembered Aban, the Borderland Man, how he was washed away by the power of the River.


“There is more, Auriel. I need more! Looking at the River is not enough; I must swim in It!”


  “I was hoping you would say that. Go ahead,” said Auriel, smiling. “It is waiting for you.”


  Tobe surrendered to the River. It streamed through him, washing him clean through and through. He started to ride Its life like a wave, as It carried him along.


  The force of the River amazed him. Yet when he reached out to touch It, his fingers grasped nothing. Tobe could not imagine anything more powerful and yet, more mysteriously subtle.... 


  “You can ride the present second to forever!” called out Auriel.


  The River, flowing around and through things, animated them with a brighter life. In the River, the simplest thing—a pebble, the smallest green shoot, a dewdrop—became a miracle to behold. Up until now, the world was a solid thing, but in the River all forms—rocks, plants, trees, and earth—became pure energy, pure vibration, all cloaked in only the illusion of solid form, held within the Oneness of the River.


  Tobe formed a cup with his hands and dipped them into the River. In his hands, he saw the River there in all Its fullness—whole and complete! It was identical in every way to the boundless River he saw flowing all about him. He knew that in his hands, he held the whole River. “Every bit of the River holds the whole,” he said astounded. “What kind of River is this? A strange, heavenly magic is in It!”


  As the River flowed about Tobe, he began to feel himself less and less “in his skin,” until he was totally free of his bodily form. He felt transparent—lucid. His spirit expanded. And his sense of self now became one with the River Is. He easily swam past the outer surface of things and entered into their very life. And all things rejoiced to be known!


  As Tobe continued swimming in the River, he looked over and was astounded to see his body now walking down the path, talking to Auriel! Tobe had never seen such a peculiar sight. So it is possible to do one thing, while the body is doing something else!


The River faded away, and just like that, Tobe was walking down the trail, next to Auriel. All concepts of what he had thought the River would be were completely washed away, yet what It was he could not comprehend.


“You look magnificent in the River,” Auriel said.


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