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By the Bay -– Unified Field        2016           56" x 84"        mixed media on canvas

“The total number of minds in the universe is one.”           Erwin Schrodinger,  a Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist

288 By the Bay-Unified Field John B Full



In this exercise, we will take a closer look at the changeless quality of the Unified Field. Looking at what is not changing can be the most direct portal into the Unified Field. It seems like an impossibility that something so alive and dynamic could be changeless. And though it may appear that each time you enter the Unified Field it seems different, it is but an illusion arising from how deep you go into it.

Exercise 3:  Go to a busy place like a restaurant, a party, or go for a drive on a busy freeway. I particularly find it useful for this exercise to go to a crowded nightclub or bar with live music, where every cubic inch of the place is filled with action and chaos. Observe how everything is in a constant state of flux. Here is the place of true power as you look beneath all the activity to a changelessness beneath it all. Keep the focus of your attention there on what is not changing. See how that reality is totally unaffected by all the diverse and intense activity.




Towards Nevada City – Harvest       1991 

54" x 31.5"        mixed media on canvas

244 Angel Island-Unified Field Full Scre

Angel Island -– Unified Field        2011           42" x 77"          mixed media on canvas

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”           Albert Einstein

Towards Sangre de Christo Mountains          2007           9" x 26"            mixed media on canvas

The Unified Field exists at such a different frequency, which allows it to permeate form.

The Unified Field’s natural expression is deep peace, boundless love, true joy, and much more. It only knows of positive emotions. Yes, emotions. That the Unified Field can flow with emotion is one of the greatest mysteries. And these emotions arise effortlessly within us as a direct effect of our movement into the Unified Field, infusing our expanding sense of being.



The Flute Lesson II         1987           58" x 35"        mixed media on canvas

  from Tobe and the River Is:


  He closed his eyes and surrendered deeper into the River. He felt like sugar dissolving into water. He started to sense, even more, the life of the River. A deep peace and happiness started to fill him. He was amazed at how the River carried him along lovingly. It flows with Love! The Love became more real as Tobe swam along. He realized, as water is to a river, Love is to the River Is!

  "Surrender everything to the River," Auriel called out. "Its Love will hold you."

  Tobe relaxed and surrendered completely and let the current carry him. As he opened his eyes and looked about at the landscape, he saw everything bathed in Love.


  Tobe looked at a leaf falling from a tree—its arch and sway as it fell was Love’s dancing. The leaf’s gentle landing upon the ground was Love’s light touch. The path that Auriel and Tobe had traveled along was Love, and the shade that rested upon it from the tree branches above, that was Love’s gift of cool comfort. The sun’s life-giving light—that, too, was Love’s gift.

  Love was everywhere Tobe looked, for the Love of the River had flowed into him and was looking out of his eyes. As Tobe swam deeper, he was astonished to discover that there was no difference in this Love and what he was! He realized he was expanding—as big as Love itself.

  It was then, for the first time, that Tobe heard the song that each and every rock, every green growing thing, nurturing earth, generous sky, and creatures all around had been singing all along, but which, until now, he could not hear. It was their constant song of Love, in gratitude, to the River Is, for Its Love for them.

  As Tobe floated in the River, a feeling welled up inside him that grew so strong that he could not keep it in. “O, River—My Self, you are true Happiness, true Joy,” he sighed, “How I do love you, sweet River!



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